Harmonic Pattern- from Scott Carney - A New Way to Trade.

Our trading research team at Princeton University has found out that in an unpredictable live trading condition, pattern hitting stoploss is a very common event. harmonic pattern

Reminder about Harmonic Pattern trading and PRZ

Consonant examples are characterized by explicit value structures, and evaluated by Fibonacci counts. These examples speak to value structures that contain mixes of unmistakable and back to back Fibonacci retracements and projections. In the event that we figure different Fibonacci parts of a particular value structure, we can recognize consonant example regions that will indicate potential defining moments in value activity. Scott M. Carney has recognized those inversion spots as the PRZ - The Potential Reversal Zone. An all around characterized PRZ generally gives some kind of introductory response amid the main trial of most symphonious examples. The underlying test can happen rapidly, and on high unpredictability it can quickly dismiss the cost.

To handle these failed patterns, we have laid out a guide to trade the failed harmonic pattern here (in partnership with HarmonicPattern.com and USC University). Basically you need to trade in the opposite direction after spotting a rejection from the PRZ on the other side.

In the research, we have partnered with HarmonicPattern.com

Their scanner covers full list of patterns including:

cypher pattern

Asset classes covered:

In their finding, the AI algorithm were able to perform extremely well with Bat pattern successful rate up to 83%. Harmonic pattern successful rate can be found on Harmonic Pattern stats page. There are obviously issues with chart and harmonic patterns. However if executed properly, they will provide a great result.